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It 's funny when someone says something bizarrely insane and you… - 7w3n7ys0m3th1ngAng5t [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 20th, 2007|04:50 pm]
[current state of overwhelming misery |pensivepensive]

It 's funny when someone says something bizarrely insane and you remember that person forever because of said thing. For some strange reason, I have a very difficult time remembering full conversations with people, but I always remember fragments of "talks" that stick out in my head. It's kind of like this one time when someone made a reference to how they don't want to hang out with me because I'm poor and coming to my house makes them feel uncomfortable. Or thousands of things Vicky has said. Or Chuck telling me that it is written in the cards that one day I'm going to enter a pie eating contest and no one is going to show up. I remember this exactly because it was right as he took a swig of this gigantic bottle of Captain Morgan. I just sat there and drank my beer and listened to the tarot reading to which all I remember is deceit, being freed from bondage, and an unnappreciated pie eating contest. Also, irony and fate take turns slapping me in the face when I'm not paying attention. I'm pretty sure one day I'm going to get on a plane, and it's gonna crash, on a day when I'm depressed and I'm going to survive. Somehow I will magically learn to swim and bethe only survivor on a plane that was going to some country where the air was poisonous. That would be something to tell about.