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I'm still kicking myself in the ass for my recent mistakes. I lost… - 7w3n7ys0m3th1ngAng5t [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 19th, 2007|05:30 pm]
[current state of overwhelming misery |anxiousanxious]

I'm still kicking myself in the ass for my recent mistakes. I lost someone amazing. While they are not out of my life completely, I miss his companionship in that sense. Damn those 80s teen movies. I blame this on Rob Lowe and John Cusack. Oh yeah, and my legs. 

I believe later I will attempt to acquire some dinero and hang out with Maria cuz I haven't seen that bitch in a minute. I miss her. As much as Marie has wronged me, I can't help but want to hang out with her. Preferably in a public place sans 100 drunken, rolling raver kids. I HATE ravers. More than anything on the face of the planet, I hate ravers. I could never hate a person in his or her own blood, but I can certainly hate a group. I hate ravers. Why? Because ravers are STUPID. They dance themselves to death. Or come close to death, and then make the same mistake again until their one year of rehab to which they leave and go back to the same shit after they graduate or whatever you call that scumbag rite of passage. People like that NEVER change. I'm a closed-minded conservative fuck, aren't I? Which is why I'm avoiding the apartment with 5 crazy rolling teenagers.


[User Picture]From: intridcold69
2007-09-20 04:06 am (UTC)
Please theres better people to hang out with. im gone for a few days ill talk to you when i come back.
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