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Somewhere along the lines of this past week, I let pharimones take… - 7w3n7ys0m3th1ngAng5t [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Sep. 17th, 2007|12:26 pm]
[current state of overwhelming misery |infuriatedinfuriated]

Somewhere along the lines of this past week, I let pharimones take over endorphins. Kyle and I didn't work out, apparently. I'm not mad at him. It sucks, but it happens. It's my luck. It blows cuz I liked him a lot, but at least we're still friends so I'm happy. Dissappointed a little, but happy nonetheless that he doesn't completely hate me.

Chris thinks I'm a wretch to society, though. I mean, maybe I am a wretch to society, but I don't really care. He needs to learn when to stop. If I keep saying no and no and no some more,wouldn't common sense eventually kick in? I don't hate him or anything...or even remotely dislike him (well, at the moment, it's an emotion awfully close to hate but I'll get over it by tonight), I just don't always feel like hanging out with him.There was shit done that no matter how many times you apologize, it can't be taken back. It happened, and it's done. Yeah, I had my fair share of fuck ups, but so did he. I'm just sick of having my fair share of fuck ups and I'm sick of his as well.

I miss the people from work that went to college. Rich hardly ever wants to hang out anymore. :( Makes me sad.

I got my first traffic citation the other day somewhere by Uncle Sam's. Running a red light. I was with Danny. LOL. All for a Big Mac that tasted like crap.Isn't that fucking amazing?